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All Innovate Peek into some of Downtown's trending office options

There’s something unique about the San Diego urban landscape. Placid bays meet the bustle of active city life. The gleam of water is reflected in stories upon stories of opaque, blue windows. And the wild frontier of ocean meets the frontier of ideas in the business carried out behind those windows.

It’s right here that you’ll find the real fuel for the Downtown innovation economy and the catalyst for San Diego cultural life. It’s here that ideas hit the drawing board, that meaningful collaboration happens, that economic vibrancy is generated.

Since 1982, Irvine Company has actively created spaces for ideas to grow and San Diego businesses to thrive. Having first established a presence with the La Jolla Gateway project, their reputation has since travelled south to the Downtown community. Whether it’s One America Plaza, 501 West Broadway, 101 West Broadway, or 225 Broadway on the west side, or Wells Fargo Plaza and Symphony Towers in the east, people know what (and where) you’re talking about. What’s made Irvine Company such a household name in Downtown?

“We’re constantly researching the needs and desires of our customers,” says Irvine Company Regional Vice President, John Turner. “Today’s workforce blends life and work like never before, and we want to ensure they have the conveniences and amenities they need to live successful lives – at work and beyond.”

Irvine Company knows this means different things for different customers. While Wells Fargo Plaza and Symphony Towers are home to a number of financial services businesses, they are also home to major companies in other industries. As an example, the company recently leased the prestigious penthouse at Symphony Towers to Smashtech, a technology innovator.

Common to all of Downtown, however, is a growing emphasis on creating a more fluid sense of work and life. With an employee base committed to engaging meaningful work, a stark contrast between time at the office working on projects and time at home is becoming obsolete. Instead, Irvine Company has recognized the increased demand for integration and has sought to create spaces that allow customers to achieve that lifestyle.

“It’s more about bringing the amenities that people want and need to them because they’re going to be at work all day, and we want to elevate their experience,” Turner says.“We want them to want to come to work.”

So what is important to tenants? Not surprisingly, it’s food, wellness, and places to gather in community. Grab a sandwich and sit outside at a sunny cafe on the 3rd floor of Wells Fargo Plaza or get your afternoon run in at the on-site fitness center, KINETIC, at both Wells Fargo Plaza and Symphony Towers. Wells Fargo Plaza is also the first of Irvine Company’s downtown San Diego buildings to host The Commons – “an outdoor space where you can connect and collaborate,” according to Turner.

While these amenities are certainly crucial to the holistic atmosphere Irvine strives for, it’s in the office spaces themselves that the real genius is found and the hard work done. And the needs and goals of every tenant are different. Although Irvine Company still offers more traditional style office spaces, they have noticed an increased demand for the more progressive, open-office format that fosters a collaborative work culture. Conversations can happen quickly and ideas can be shared without barriers.

A distinct facet of Irvine Company’s spaces are their ReadyNow offices. These spaces are what Irvine calls move-in ready and success ready – meaning they come with modern and expertly designed finishes, so you can move your staff in and get down to business right away. As smaller offices (5,000sf), ReadyNow spaces are uniquely accessible to the growing startup industry in Downtown.

For Irvine Company, opening their doors to tenants wasn’t a one-and-done job. Instead, it’s about dreaming for the future; about knowing what the trending needs are for tenants and reinvesting in the existing spaces to continue to provide best-in-class services and amenities. Whether you have 100 employees, or you’re going solo, find out if Irvine Company could be the next place to make your ideas a reality.

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