Discover Downtown Through Data

Cultural and Economic Driver

Downtown San Diego is unique and is unlike any other area in the region. Its bustling nightlife, refined arts and culture scene, and business and innovation hub make it clear why they call it “America’s Finest City.” Downtown is filled with a highly skilled talent pool who enjoy the many amenities Downtown has to offer. Discover more about Downtown San Diego through data and learn more on why this coming together of the waterfront and vibrant urban living is where your company belongs.

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Who Lives Downtown

Downtown is filled with high-skilled residents. These are predominantly young professionals with high paying jobs that value walkability and access to lifestyle amenities. And they would prefer to work Downtown if their jobs moved there.

By the Numbers




of residents love Downtown’s walkability


are 25- to 34-year-olds


have a bachelor’s degree or higher


average household earnings


work in Management, Business, Science or the Arts


would prefer to work Downtown

Downtown as a Job Center

Although the growing trend of remote work may not seem to warrant more office space, a December 2021 survey of San Diego businesses indicated the demand for commercial real estate is likely to increase, with larger companies–those with more than 250 employees–reporting a greater desire to take up commercial space than smaller companies. This presents an opportunity to attract these large companies to spaces in the Downtown area. While employees and employers alike have reported the desire to maintain aspects of remote work, most are likely to return to a hybrid work schedule.

Downtown as an Entertainment Hub

From Petco Park, Seaport Village and Little Italy – Downtown’s vibrant neighborhoods are home to many attractions for employees, residents, and visitors. Downtown has a well-earned reputation as a premier destination for nightlife activities that attract visitors from across the county and outside of San Diego – but those living in Downtown are more likely to enjoy these amenities.

Downtown San Diego Demographic and Industrial Study

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