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So you have an idea  — and it’s a good one. And you’re ready to take the next steps to get that idea out into the market. There’s a lot that can feel overwhelming about this process, but it doesn’t ALL have to be that way. From finding office space that fits your vibe, to staying connected with groups that can keep the ideas flowing, get started with these essential (and fun) tips for getting your business set-up to thrive Downtown.

#1 Join the Startup Movement

Opportunities are everywhere and San Diego prides itself on creating an environment for collective action. Without a doubt, San Diego is ripe with events catering to the budding and seasoned entrepreneur. Startup Week, an annual event, pulls together all parts of the startup community for a week of events Downtown! There is no shortage of opportunities to grow your skills and level up. Check out Startup Week, March Mingle, Convergence, and join the Startup San Diego mailing list.

#2 The Freelancers Paradise

Starting a business is tough. You need grit, determination, customers, and of course the perfect cup of coffee. Luckily, downtown has a collection of some of the best coffee shops around. In search of that perfectly balanced brew for inspiration, check out some of the local favorites where you can connect with the community and build your empire one cup at a time: Check out West Bean, Lofty Coffee, Copa Vida, Bean Bar, and Halcyon. Get a closer review of some of our favorites here! (would link to internal page).

#3 Unleash Your Creative Side

San Diego has a vibrant creative startup community and nowhere is this more evident than CreativeMornings. This monthly gathering blends all that is great about San Diego – innovation, people and curated space. Hosted at the one of a kind Central Library, CreativeMornings is a “Who’s Who” of the creative community. Check out Creative Morning, Design Forward Alliance, AIGA, and UC San Diego Design Lab.

#4 Find Your Perfect Launchpad

In search of the place to collaborate and grow your idea into a successful business? You are in luck. Within a few short blocks you can find numerous coworking spaces that fit your company’s style and industry. Swing by any of the spaces for events, learning opportunities, and engaging with the startup community. Check out The Vine, Downtown Works, Nest Cowork, WeWork, DeskHub, and Union Cowork.

#5 Hard Work Deserves a Hard Reward

Sure, we know that San Diego has great weather and beaches. But before enjoying those, San Diegans put in the hard work! After work, you can catch much of the startup community at one of the many local breweries enjoying conversation and cheering a job well done. Check out Stone Brewery Tasting Rooms, Ballast Point, and Mission Brewery. If you’d prefer to ‘keep it classy’ in Downtown, then relax with a craft cocktail at the US Grant or Horton Grand Hotel.

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